Bundle of His

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Bundle of His adjoins the atrioventricular (AV) node. The length of the common trunk is 1-2 cm, the thickness is 0.4 cm. The common trunk consists of many longitudinal bundles separated from each other by collagen interlayers.

Bundle of His divides into two branches (right and left).

The right branch of bundle of His consists of fibers propagating to the right ventricle and the right half of the interventricular septum.

The left branch, going to the left ventricle and the left half of the interventricular septum, splits into two hemifascicles (anterior and posterior).

Both branches break down into Purkinje fibers, which constitute the terminal branches of the specialized cardiac conduction system. The densest network of Purkinje fiber is formed in the internal (subendocardial) layers of the walls of the ventricles. Conductive intraventricular system (the system of His - Purkinje) provides a rapid conduction of impulse to all parts of ventricles and their synchronous excitation.